Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Research Taj Mahal images,Turkey architecture images and Photoshop digital building thumbnails drawing

The Taj Mahal is a mixed with the Islamic tradition of combining calligraphic, foral, and abstract geometric motifs. There are types of media used to create these patterns such as stones, carving in high relief, painted stucco  and inlaid with hard stones. These are some inspiration images and  I might take some ideas for my Invisible cities to produce the final outcome for my city.

I used the lasso tool on Photoshop and it is easy to created  any shapes as well as painting round the shapes to make my own ideas of Anastasia City ideas as long as looking at  different architectures designs influence.

 There are some images of  turkey architecture that inspired me of the different building landscapes. Which influenced me to take some parts to construct my own style onto Photoshop. I might take some area to add more detail drawing or add patterns into the my final conclusion.

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